“Stop” it with the quotation marks “already”!

Dear writer, if you’re using quotation marks around every other word in nearly every sentence you’ve written, it’s overkill. Do “you” get “what” I’m “saying”? Or do I “need” to point “it” out to “you”?! Stop making “dumb” choices when you “write.” Good thing you have an editor. Otherwise, surly readers would be tempted to bludgeon you out of frustration!

One thought on ““Stop” it with the quotation marks “already”!

  1. There was a certain type of writing we used to laugh about a lot. We called it “cry of the loon” writing—that kind of overblown nature prose. Bob has a deadly instinct for when that stuff has gone ripe. He has a fine ear for English as it’s spoken, and a lot of his work as an editor is taking stilted, artificial language and pushing it in the direction of the vernacular. How words sound on a page (if that’s not an oxymoron) is what Bob listens for.

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